Kaftan Dresses: 5 Reasons Why Women Should Wear Them

Kaftan Dresses: 5 Reasons Why Women Should Wear Them


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Kaftan dresses are primarily loose, free-flowing robes reaching to the ankles. A dress originally based on Islamic sensibilities, kaftans were originally associated with royal gaiety.

With so many variations and innovative designs, these dresses have evolved a lot over many years. Nowadays, there are many designs, floral patterns and colorful prints adorning a kaftan dress. There are other design features that have been added to it as well, such as V-neckline with buttons to open it, and the addition of kimono sleeves on the dress.

Let’s take a look at top five reasons why women should wear them:


With its “one size fits all” design, kaftans are a natural choice for women across all age groups and body types.

Whether someone is fat or thin, kaftans suit everyone. In fact, kaftans are a great clothing option for plus size women. (Kaftan Size Guide)


Kaftan dresses are light and breezy; they make you feel relaxed. They are ideal to wear for any casual occasion. Be it home-based kitty parties, taking a trip down the shopping lane or just about anything else, wearing kaftans make you feel comfortable and stylish.

A kaftan dress is also perfect to wear as a nightdress. Made of soft fabrics such as cotton and polyester, the material used in these loose-fitting dresses is soft on the skin.


With thousands of designs to choose from, kaftans are colorful and vibrant.

There are many kaftans featuring colorful beads, embroidered thread work and funky designer prints. Examples include animal prints, in which the kaftan is made to resemble the pattern of the skin and fur of leopard or zebra, abstract prints, bird patterns, etc.

The beauty of the multicolored print lies in its stunning throw of imagery and random images strewn together to form a quaint art.


Kaftan dresses can also act as perfect beach cover-ups. Easy and breezy, these multicolored Kaftans accentuate your look. Whether its beach party or a holiday trip, you can wear a kaftan dress anytime to look good on all occasions.

To match accessories with kaftans, you can wear chunky tribal necklaces, and match it up with a bohemian hairstyle, nice make-up and an ethnic footwear.

Besides, these long dresses also protect your body from sunburns when you’re out on the beach.

Pregnancy Dress

During pregnancy, a woman is required to wear lightweight and comfortable pregnancy dress or a maternity suit for health reasons. Kaftans are ideal in this scenario, and can be easily worn owing to its free-size design.

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Match your cocktails to your fabulous kaftan!

Here at Pretty Porter, we have a range of beautiful kaftans to suit all occasions. Most of our kaftans are colourful and elaborate; it’s the kind that you’ll want to whip out for a day at the beach or for a glamorous party involving delicious cocktails and canapés.

To add more fun to your night of frivolity, match your cocktails to the colours of your gorgeous kaftan! Here we have chosen three of our favourite kaftans to match with your drinks.

14-KF0019-FR 402826893_9c1a3087bf_o

Our Bejewelled Embellished Kaftan is a definite showstopper. With it’s stunning bright yellow and blue colours, you are sure to dazzle in this gorgeous number. Pair it with an equally dazzling blue cocktail to match. Just add a dash of Blue Curacao to vodka and mango juice and you’re set. Otherwise, choose from a variety of popular blue cocktails like the Blue Lagoon, Blue Margarita or a Midnight Kiss for a delicious, tropical themed party.

7KP2043B-FR 6788593953_fb4ab82388_o

Match the deep orange hues on our Tango Kaftan with it’s cocktail counterpart, the Bloody Mary. Comprising of tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, lime juice, horseradish, hot pepper and celery stalks, this drink is as rich as the jewel tones in the Tango Kaftan.

4-KF202086A-FR 8140487602_46b8ffd814_o

The Dark And Stormy cocktail is the perfect partner to our Tiger Kaftan. It’s an obvious match, as the Tiger Kaftan conjures images of a luxe safari getaway in its tribal print and detailing. The Dark And Stormy is a combination of ginger beer, lime juice and a generous amount of rum. If you are ever stuck on what to wear or cater for a safari themed party, this is your answer!

Pretty Porter kaftans take off on the runway

All in the name of Ovarian Cancer,
Pretty Porter hit the runway!


The gorgeous Marion Miller writes:

“Being asked to produce a nine minute runway show for Pretty Porter was an amazing opportunity for the Artist on Location team, Adam took on the creative direction with Maurizio styling, Paco filming and Caroline directing make up with her assistant Tabitha. It was the second runway event I have produced and grateful to have such a professional and creative team to work with on this event. Many thanks to Funky Trunks for providing a perfect mens swimwear collection to accompany the gorgeous Pretty Porter Kaftans on the catwalk. Special thanks to Sira Ryf  and Her Royal Flyness for handbags, leather tote from Pelle D’Arte, jewellery from Alexander Lyon and shoes from Novo Shoes. Accessories were divine!” Read more @ Artist on Location



Have you heard of a place called #KaftanHeaven?

Just a short skip and a jump from the normality of your day to day lives is a place where relaxation and living are hand in hand.

This place begins with the sun shining through your windows in the morning and ends with the sun falling over the iridescent blue water. It is a place that you would remember for eternity and somewhere that you will escape to in your mind all day long.

This a place where Kaftans live and enjoy the freedom of the warm temperatures and rising humidity.  That the water of the ocean sits calm at 25 degrees and life outside is surrounded by Pina Coladas and no sign of rain.

A place encapsulated by music and feelings of bliss. Somewhere that you’d always rather be.

We know a place, a place called Kaftan Heaven.

Pretty Porter’s #Kaftan Versatility

Kaftans are the always the best option for the multipurpose fashion piece.

Because we understand that a Kaftan is the most essential of wardrobe items, we would like to know where you can rock out in your Kaftan.

A Kaftan can be simply used at the beach, worn over bathes as a dress to take you from your hotel to the beach, or  the pool.

Amanda Morgan loves her range of Kaftans so much that she wears them in all occasions such as a dinner party; a night on the town, a fashion show, to work and to coffee with her girlfriends.

The beauty of a Pretty Porter Kaftan is that they are one size and this means that they can fit all shapes and sizes. Even if you are a skinny binny, using a belt will help to draw in the waist of the Kaftan and create a structured look.

The benefit of having free flowing material is that they are able to keep you cool in the hotter climates, nothing is more valuable on that cruise in the Bahamas. It’s versatility means that you can throw in a pair of heals in your bag and you are instantly dressed for a fancy dinner.

Our signature styling allows you to express your individuality as a goddess and be the centre of attention. If you are looking for something a little less flashy, then opt for a darker colour Kaftan. Warning – they are all incredibly gorgeous so you are going to stand out in any colour.

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What is a Kaftan? #PrettyPorter #KaftanHeaven

The kaftan is a great garment that’s incredibly versatile. You can wear a kaftan to the beach, a restaurant, a dinner party, the supermarket, or anywhere else – the options are endless. The kaftan as we know it today, however, is very different to the kaftans that originated in ancient Mesopotamia.

What is a Kaftan?

The traditional kaftan was a long overdress (similar to a robe or tunic) that could be worn with a sash. Although typically associated with Islamic cultures, several countries and regions have their own variation. These include Southeast Asia, West Africa, Persia and Russia.

Modern kaftans, that we’re familiar with, made their first appearance in western fashion during 1960s-70s hippie America. These kaftans were short or long with wide sleeves and often made of flowing fabrics. Over the years, kaftans have been consistently presented in the collections of fashion designers and high street retail stores. They’re constantly being developed with every designer or store having their own version.

What’s so great about Kaftans?

Kaftans are fantastic because you can wear them pretty much anywhere. They can be easily dressed up for a night on the town or slipped over your bathing suit for a day at the beach. They’re great in hot weather as the loose fabric is breathable and gives you room to move. They’re a classic style that will never go out of fashion. When you purchase a high quality kaftan you can wear it from season to season, looking elegant and gorgeous year after year.

Who’s wearing Kaftans?

Kaftans are incredibly popular throughout the world and are particularly common amongst celebrities. We’ve chosen a few of our favourites below!


At Pretty-Porter we have a range of glamorous kaftans available for purchase online. Buy yours today! 

Summer 2013 trends.

As we are moving quickly towards the change of seasons into summer, (except Melbourne – who is suffering with winter temperatures) we can see the change of fashion styling to hit the stores.

2013 Melbourne Cup Day Birdcage

As the Spring Racing Carnival comes to the conclusion, it is able to give us a good look at what the hottest trends for summer will look like. Firstly we are beginning to see a lot of loud and bright colours that are featuring in outfits. They can be completely colour blocked or offset by adding just a dash of colour. The most dazzling pieces are coming in the form of Emerald Green or Ruby Red.

Rebecca-Judd (1)

It is the season for geometric prints and monochromatic pieces, with many celebrities opting for the bright colours to accentuate the seasonal change. Black and white stripes are making reappearance with bold lines and contours.

White has made its return as one of the fundamental shades for the season. It is manifesting itself in a variety of looks including the 1920s and 1930s ruffles and lace. Teamed with lace are bold colours that reflect the changing mood of the year. We are seeing many streamlined looks with a pop of colour highlighting aspects of the design.

Oaks Day social pics.

In addition to the strong distinguishable colours, we are still seeing a focus on pastel prints. Especially in the younger fashion, where tapered cuts are drawing definition in shapes and pattern trends.

And if you thought metallic was gone, you were wrong. The bright and contrasting colours are brought in by metallic belts and accessories.

Finally the last addition to the summer fashions are tribal inspired prints, animal prints in contrasting colours is developing as a fundamental must haves. These are reminiscent of the 1960s Hippie subculture with long kaftans and a variety of different patterns. In addition to long wavy locks we are seeing stylish head pieces.

Amanda Morgan
Pretty Porter

What makes Armani?

The Italian designer Giorgio Armani born July 11 1934, aged 79 Pianenza, Italy. Over his career he has developed a variety of different labels associated with the Armani brand. These include;  Armani Collezioni, Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Armani exchange, Armani Junior, Armani Casa. He is one of the only fashion designers that still has and holds everything in his name. Armani’s success is demonstrated by his ability to turnover 1.6 billion annually, and is believed to have a personal fortune of more than 8.5 billion in 2013.

images (12)410_1Armani_Milan_office

When I was in Milan for Via La Moda, the Italian Fabric Fair, I  had the privilege meeting him dressed in my Armani suit whilst in his coffee shop.  He immediately started to speak with me in Italian, yet embarrassingly enough I had to admit I was not Italian. He is all of five foot two and enough energy to blow a house down. A true retailer.

I was hyperventilating through excitement and as I always travel on my own I had to pretend to be ‘sophisticated’.  His department store located in the Golden Triangle of Milan is the most impressive floor space of commercial retail that I have seen. People queue to enter. From his own personalized bookstore to shoes and flowers, where I watched as he demanded his staff member to rearrange the dead flowers. No photos are allowed to be taken in store as people rudely continue to copy his styling. Downstairs was a full floor of Armani furniture and ‘Sony’ designed by Armani.


What is my fascination?

It is his dedication to a solid business and clean living,  you will never see Giorgio shot!!!!

His simple styling with beautiful fabrics, together with marketing is what makes the Armani brand. Giorgio’s professionalism is not to be surpassed, you can see this as he stands at the cash register and says hello to every customer, whilst asking them what they have purchased.

A jacket that retails in Collins Street would be significantly less in Milan. What’s worse is that we only get a quarter of the merchandise they stock.  This is because as we do not have the high turnover of sales due largely to the competition of other International European based brands.


Giorgio Armani is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Armani group and sole share holder of Giorgio Armani S.p.A., one of the worlds leading fashion and lifestyle design houses. With 5000 direct employees, 13 factories and a direct network of 500 exclusive retail stores in 46 countries worldwide, Armani has made it. Under Mr Armani’s direction, Giorgio Armani S.p.A today stands as one of the few remaining independent, privately owned companies in its sector. He demonstrates a solid business strategy that has capitalized on the worldwide strength and reached the true potential of the Armani brand.

Amanda Morgan
Pretty Porter