Amanda Morgan has spent her entire working life, over more than 25 years in the fashion industry.  Amanda has owned her own boutique business’s since she was only 15 years old, as fashion has always been her passion with a natural talent beyond most in the fashion industry.

This has lead her to success after success… from owning franchises, to her own individually created boutiques which have become more prestigious with time, and shows her true expression of natural talent together with a world of knowledge she has developed to reflect her own individuality.

Amanda has an amazing ability to style women of any age, size and lifestyle.  During her time at Melrose in Brighton and Dominex in Toorak, it became obvious that there is a true need to dress women to suit their requirements in every day life… to maximise style, occasional wear and most importantly creativity and an eye which creates personal results far beyond any expectations.

As a result of demand for Amanda to re enter the industry, she has spent the past four years perfecting a range which is based on classic quality pieces together with unique individual designs which will complement any size or style.

All the fabrics have been sourced carefully from overseas, and the patterns have all been created originally by Amanda.

As a result, you will find classic quality pieces, which will last for ever, with the option to add to your own personal wardrobe to create your own individual collection.  The flexibility of these designs will give anyone the ability to wear when and where ever you desire – with confidence.  The unique stunning designs are flexible enough to wear to any occasion.

Any woman with a piece created by Amanda Morgan in her wardrobe will always feel special wearing any of the luxury garments.

Company Information

Pretty Porter
ABN Number: 94774255978
16a Glyndebourne Avenue Toorak 3142 VIC Australia
Ph.1300 731 004

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