Match your cocktails to your fabulous kaftan!

Here at Pretty Porter, we have a range of beautiful kaftans to suit all occasions. Most of our kaftans are colourful and elaborate; it’s the kind that you’ll want to whip out for a day at the beach or for a glamorous party involving delicious cocktails and canapés.

To add more fun to your night of frivolity, match your cocktails to the colours of your gorgeous kaftan! Here we have chosen three of our favourite kaftans to match with your drinks.

14-KF0019-FR 402826893_9c1a3087bf_o

Our Bejewelled Embellished Kaftan is a definite showstopper. With it’s stunning bright yellow and blue colours, you are sure to dazzle in this gorgeous number. Pair it with an equally dazzling blue cocktail to match. Just add a dash of Blue Curacao to vodka and mango juice and you’re set. Otherwise, choose from a variety of popular blue cocktails like the Blue Lagoon, Blue Margarita or a Midnight Kiss for a delicious, tropical themed party.

7KP2043B-FR 6788593953_fb4ab82388_o

Match the deep orange hues on our Tango Kaftan with it’s cocktail counterpart, the Bloody Mary. Comprising of tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, lime juice, horseradish, hot pepper and celery stalks, this drink is as rich as the jewel tones in the Tango Kaftan.

4-KF202086A-FR 8140487602_46b8ffd814_o

The Dark And Stormy cocktail is the perfect partner to our Tiger Kaftan. It’s an obvious match, as the Tiger Kaftan conjures images of a luxe safari getaway in its tribal print and detailing. The Dark And Stormy is a combination of ginger beer, lime juice and a generous amount of rum. If you are ever stuck on what to wear or cater for a safari themed party, this is your answer!

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